Sonata Theory

This video introduces the concept of Sonata Theory according to Hepokoski and Darcy. This video can also work for undergraduates.

I like to precede this (with graduate students, not undergrads) with the following preparatory exercise:

Many of you likely have already encountered sonata form in your undergrad degrees or in private lessons. It’s important to realize how the way you learned it before will differ from the method presented by Hepokoski/Darcy.

Before watching the video, try doing a quick analysis of the first movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusikon your own, based on your memory of sonata form. You won’t turn this in, but I will ask you to write about it in your response, and I will discuss this movement in the video. Download the score here, and listen to a recording by A Far Cry here.

Note: This video uses interactive technology. The picture-in-picture can be swapped or even viewed side-by-side. The video also uses a menu so you can quickly navigate to certain portions of the video. For more explanation, see this video from Kaltura.

download sonata form handoutdownload Nachtmusik annotated scoredownload sonata form transcript