Sonic the Hedgehog analysis: article preview

I just uploaded two transcriptions I did of music from Sonic the Hedgehog 3. These transcriptions will support my essay in a forthcoming book, in which I analyze the timbre of “Ice Cap Zone” and “Marble Garden Zone.” Head over to the new page to check it out. Enjoy!


Ear Training fantasies

One of my longest-standing research interests is in ear training pedagogy. Conventional wisdom says that the point of ear training class is not to train students’ ears in the classroom, exactly—everyone realizes that the majority of work must be done outside of class (though it’s hard to convince students that this is a good use of their limited time when ear training is a 1-credit-hour course)—rather the point is instead to give students methods for practicing. But what also takes up a large portion of class time is assessment. This assessment comes in the form of solo singing in front of their peers, and dictation tests. Both of these assessment activities are not ideal, as most pedagogues will admit. So then why do they persist?

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